Tuesday, August 1

goodbye robert

my husbands brother passed away very suddenly two weeks ago.
he died early in the morning on his birthday. he was 51 years old. everyone in the family is trying to deal with their feelings of grief and loss. this is a picture of the painting robert's sister did of him as a teenager with his favorite dog, dashy.

monday morning came after the funeral services and it felt like part of me wanted to move on,
slip back into the comfortable routine and pretend things would go on as before.
the other part of me wanted to try to stop everything around me. then i could scream out loud
'there is a big emptyness in our lives now, cant you feel it?'

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this picture makes me so sad. What a talent she has. I love the colors it is so vintage. It is good to remember him in his youth, and happy. post some of your art and collections of pretty things. A picture of your studio would be cool too, to go with the blue girl theme.

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