Tuesday, January 27

cupid's kiss

all thoughts are now turned to sugared pink frosting, sweet little hearts, and cupid's valentine kisses.

i possibly should have given you a bit more warning here.....
this may be a bit more pink than most people can take in one post.

i just love valentines day and the chocolate treats for my sweeties.
cupid's kiss is my february art kit, filled with pretty pinks now in my shop.
who doesn't love a little note on a tiny tag decorated with blossoms, or a hand written valentine message on one of these darling valentine cards.

marina painted these darling valentines in her 'love me' the illustrated pocket valentine collection.

can't quite get over the mad kitty!
and who doesn't love flowers on valentines day?

just a few more days and then the month of february begins on the a year of color blog with melissa from a garden of pink shadows. doesn't that sound enchanting....

xo julie

Thursday, January 15

january blues

it has been wonderful this month working on a year of color with kari. i have realized i really create a lot with blue. it is a color of such calmness for me.
with a deep coating of snow outside that doesn't seem to be melting the winter white and blue palette suit me very well.

i can't resist posting a few of the photos i have been taking. i have the whole weekend off with the promise of beautiful sunshine ahead. i'm dreaming of hours and hours in my studio with the boys gone on a winter scout campout. i'm smiling a bit...

Saturday, January 3

winter frost

january has begun with a new frosting of snow. i love beginning a new year, it seems as though every day stretching forward is fresh and filled with wishes.

it is a time for dreaming up new plans and leaving behind the used ones. 'meet the robinsons' is such a charming movie, the ending is my new motto: keep moving forward.
two new things for me this month:
i will be the guest designer for artsymama's new inspiration blog 'a year of color'
i chose the blue and white month as i am continually drawn to these colors. i will be posting photos, a craft tutorial, and ideas all month.

my etsy shop even gets a few new plans for the year. i will be featuring a limited number of petite art kits, one for each month of the year. january's kits is 'winter frost' i have gathered together a collection of beautiful things to celebrate the frosting of winter. inside the peek.a.boo box lined with vintage flocked wallpaper you will find a collection of vintage trims, millinery stems, and fabrics all tied up with a sprig of flocked winter buds.

february's kit 'cupid's kiss' is a sweet pink and white kit i will be listing next monday. two other new additions for the new year will be color themed vintage wool bundles, and pretty bits, tiny art treats always under $2.

happiest new year wishes, julie
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