Friday, March 28

at long last. . .my class with Pam

i am so excited to be finally posting about my class with pam garrison at the art nest. it has been too long and it is wonderful to be able to have a quiet evening to be able to write about her class and post some photos. one of my favorite things at the art nest was i got to sit down and look through pam's journals. her books feel so alive in your hands and her pages are an amazing feast of color and design.

our class packet from pam was gorgeous, a cellophane flower envelope filled with a little book she illlustrated with all the steps to creating our own visual journals. i sewed a bit of an embroidered wool baby blanket on one of my pages for a wee pocket to hold pam's booklet. also in our envelope was a scrumptious selection of pam's vintage wallpapers tied up with ribbons and flowers and several of her wonderful postcards made from the pages of her journals.

here is the pam working in her book, melting wax crayons to coat the page. her table all set up for class, just look at all the fabulous art materials just waiting to be used. . .

i love old ledgers and seriously thought about using one until i found this book. it is called 'dash and dart, two fawns' and in light of the fun woodland theme at artfest this year i decided to use this old discarded book instead for my journal.
here you can see the binding and the cover with the cool waxed linen thread that we used to sew the page signatures in the book.

all the books everyone created in pam's class all lined up by the fireplace. so many cool books and all so different!

my book has taken on a life of its own. i have been writing and sketching ideas, collaging pages, and gluing in all sorts of inspiriation. here are a couple of pages so far, i am having so much fun!

Wednesday, March 5

the Art Nest. . .part 2

our second day at the art nest was in amy hanna's class 'rejuvenated jewels'.
the table she set up was stunning! so many beautiful pieces of jewelry. can you imagine how it was to look through her whole jewelry collection? i was in awe over each elegant piece! she displayed many pieces to sell and her favorite pieces she wears herself to give us ideas for our own creations. this picture of amy teaching was taken by melinda downing at the art nest.

the table was draped with a length of burlap and covered with a runner of hand dyed crepe paper decorated with sweet millinery flowers. each vintage velvet jewelry box held treasures and jewels put together with gorgeous chains, gems, and lovely vintage pieces. it was breathtaking! we had a hard time finishing breakfast and beginning the class as everyone was trying to decide which piece to buy!

then amy pulled out a box filled with baggies of vintage parts we could buy, a freebie box of bits and pieces, and a whole selection of chain and pretty bits from her friend Li' K Designs.
this is my favorite part of the necklace i bought from amy, look at the lovely little vintage flower nestled in the old watch face.
she had some beautiful marie antoinette looking ladies cast from silver and stamped with her name to add to each of her pieces. a perfect finishing touch!

and here is the burlap bag amy made to wrap our jewelry in. fabulous isn't it!

Once the buying flurry settled down we all began designing our pieces. amy has an unbeliveable knack for looking at a design someone is working on and making suggestions how to unify the pieces and add interest with chain, vinitage clasps, and stones. i loved her idea how to attach a vintage rhinestone clasp to my necklace that had one chain on one side and two chains on the other. the little bead bridge works perfectly!

i made these earings first with vintage pieces and beads i had collected. i was so excited to use the little rhinestone rondelles. i soldered a little ball at one end of the ear wire and shaped and hammered them before attaching the chain and dangle with a jump ring.
the great tragedy was i wore these earings out snowmobiling the next day and one came off and was smashed by my snow boot! i don't have another little pink disc, so for now they are awaiting repairs. :(

this is the necklace i made using the rhinestone piece from candice and a few bits from amy's junk box! to attach the separate pieces i drilled out the rhinestone and right though the soldered base to make a hole for attaching the dangle and both chains.

i also made these earings and this black necklace with a bezel from a class i took from stephanie lee . no idea what i will put in the bezel yet, but i love the tiny little man dangling from the clasp. . .

i still have more to post about the art nest, pam's class, the artist sale, and sledding! i'll get busy.
xo julie
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