Thursday, January 19

velvet kiss...valentine matchbox tutorial

yesterday i dyed a new batch of crepe paper ruffles. love the nude pink and velvet kiss for valentines day.

last night just before going to bed i made this little lunch box valentine. such a sweet little surprise...

any little matchbox will do, i like these waterproof matches by coghlans as they are a bit deeper.

gather together your matchbox, some old book paper, ribbon, tinsel, a button, and some crepe paper ruffles.

here is the bundle in my shop i dyed with a velvet button, tinsel and pleated paper heart all ready to go.

step 1. cover your box with the book paper, i just use a glue stick.

step 2. wrap the crepe paper ruffles around the box. i wrapped mine so there was a double ruffle layer on the top and a single layer on the bottom so it would sit flat.

step 3. tie the ribbon around the box to cover the stitching. thread on the button and tie the ribbon again to secure.

step 4. punch out 6 paper hearts and sew them down the middle. fold up each layer.

step 5. wrap the paper heart and tinsel around the button. viola!

now just tuck a sweet note and a tiny treat in your box and hide is somewhere fun like on a pillow or in a lunchbox.

oh and this is new today, a french valentine hot air balloon gift tag kit. so adore these beauties.
xo julie

Tuesday, January 17

diy valentine heart box tutorial

its a month until valentines day and time to get out all my pretty pink trims...
this little glittered heart box is so fun to make and would be such a darling gift for one of your sweethearts filled with chocolates.
this little kit is available in my etsy shop today! special sweet treat for my blogland friends, get 10% off your valentine order in my shop. enter 'sweettreats' at checkout thru friday 1/20.

you will need a heart shaped paper mache box, decorative paper, some tiny trims, tulle, ribbon, tinsel, acrylic paint, glitter fabric (or glitter) and some millinery flowers and stamens.

step 1. paint the inside of your box and lid and also the bottom of your box with acrylic paint. a soft pink, pale aqua, or spring green would be lovely. i am using plaid's apple barrel paint #202011 Light green leaf. let dry.

step 2. spread tacky glue over the top of the lid and press down on your glitter fabric. i found this great glittered fabric trim with wired edges, it is 4 inches wide. smooth the top down to the lid and let dry. (if you don't have a glitter fabric trim available, coat the glue with a fine glitter, martha stewart and hampton art both make a great kit with lovely colors~both available at JoAnns)

step 3. cut a decorative paper strip to go around the sides of the box. start at the point of the box so your seam is at the bottom. glue in place with tacky glue.
i am using a wonderful old french wallpaper with a moire pattern and little buds.
cut your strip with a ruler and exacto blade for a super straight cut.

step 4. with some tiny sharp pointed scissors cut around your heart lid to remove excess glitter fabric.

step 5. cut a decorative paper strip to go around the sides of the heart lid. glue in place. add a narrow silver trim around the lid. i like to add the glue to the trim and smooth the trim around the lid, pressing firmly in place as i go.

step 6. decorate the top of the box. here is the basic layout. i folded a pink sugared stamen in half and glued that in place first at either end. then i added a piece of tinsel on top of the stamens. i cut 2 pieces of tulle and tied them around the glittered stamen bundle. then i tied the pink silk ribbon to hold in place. tie a double bow and notch the ends of the ribbon. next glue on the ribbon posy to the middle and last glue the cream flowers in place. let dry overnight.

i found these adorable aqua blue pressed paper berry baskets and used them to tuck all the goodies in for a fun diy kit with everything included to make your own valentine box... all you need is glue, scissors, and paint!

the scalloped tag was perfect, just love the hot air balloon. a little sweetness.
happy crafting, julie

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