Saturday, June 30

Vintage flocked floral fabric bundles in the shop~

 I have been collecting vintage flocked fabrics for over 30 years, I adore the Swiss dot fabrics and the sweet tiny florals.  I am downsizing my collections and have decided to sell these fabrics.  I spent a lovely afternoon trimming, ironing, and fluffing while I listened to Pandora and the fabric bundles are all ready and in the shop tonight. 
 This aqua and pink collection is the sweetest, these lovely flocked sheer fabrics are amazing! From the 1950s these fabrics were used for ladies aprons, little girl Sunday dresses, one even had the original tag pinned on still that said F.W. Woolworth Co. $1.98 Washable Needs No Ironing. thank goodness!

This collection has the most beautiful flocked florals and the yellow fabric with the sweet bows is just charming!  My mother made me and my 4 sisters Sunday dresses and clothes for our dolls with these treasures...  how I love those memories~  petticoats, white lace tights and patent leather shoes...

Lavender is still one of my favorite colors for little girls, add a bit of mint green and pale yellow and you have the perfect summer collection.  These prints are perfect for little dolly dresses.  One of my customers in Spain made a little quilt with some of my vintage fabrics. Oh and those vintage gold stork scissors are a bit worn but the new favorite on my desk.  Who knew they would be so very sharp and cut so nicely through silk ribbons.

Then there is the yellow and aqua collection, these soft sheer fabrics have gorgeous flocking and the most subtle patterns.  Bundles include 8 fabrics measuring approx 11 X 8 inches.  I do have a couple double bundles available that measure 22 X 8 inches if you are needing a bit more fabric for ruffles...

Thursday, April 5

Spring Mushrooms have arrived in the shop~

Spring Mushrooms have arrived in the shop~    I haven't posted any new mushrooms in months and oh my...  I went a little crazy and made so many!  You can find these collections now in my Etsy shop Vintage Handmade

Love the aqua and green collection so much.

the Purple  collection is a celebration of Pantone's 2018 color of the year Ultra Violet.  I call that soft hued gradient lavender and mauve color  Unicorn Velvet. 

I dyed a new batch of pink silk velvet for this collection and couldn't stop mixing colors.  Love how these mushrooms turned out. The colors range from mauve pink to a coral pink.  Let me know if you have a special request, always happy to dye some new colors of velvet.  Happy Spring! Julie

Friday, February 2

Silk Velvet Heart Collection...

my velvet obsession continues...  all the velvet hearts are ready for the shop update tomorrow.

I have been sewing silk velvet hearts for days now, I love how they feel in my hands.  I love the subtle way the light plays on the velvet and how the vintage millinery flowers look so delicate against he soft colors.

This colors of the pink and taupe collection are so romantic, the perfect love token.  Made with dyed silk velvet, vintage millinery flowers and ribbons.  Each one sewn by hand and filled with a bit of Valentine magic.

The cream and pink needle felted wool hearts collection.  Subtle and sweet, my favorite colors for Valentines day.

This one...  someone really has my number.  vintage rosebud and tiny pearl.  xo  Julie
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