Monday, September 17

trick or treat veggie boy...

trick or treat veggie boy

i was having so much fun making this veggie boy this afternoon i could hardly stop to make dinner~
when i could finally hear my teenage sons stomach growling from the hall i did go up however... :)
me and tiny were in the studio for a while, she had some great suggestions for the ruffles and buttons.
the hand dyed orange ribbon was from an experiment with an ugly peach silk and rayon ribbon and some left over easter egg dye.  i nearly threw it out because it did not turn out how i had planned and now here it is looking darling.  isn't that the way it goes.

1950s vintage cake topper pumpkin pail
 i had a little vintage 1950s pumkin cake topper on my desk and she suggested i cut off the pick part and make a trick or treat pumpkin.  with the help of some wire cutters and a dremel drill it worked!

the tiny vintage buttons are sewn with black thread and then glued in place. 8 inches tall and with a sugary grin, he is already in the shop if you are shopping for halloween treats today.
happy monday,

Friday, September 14

autumn forest...another big mess

autumn forest
it was another big mess yesterday...
i cleared off all the counters, mixed up 17 bottles of dye and dipped trees all afternoon and evening.  
they are all dry this morning and it looks like an autumn forest in the kitchen.  all these tiny trees are in my etsy shop this morning.  
i can't wait until later in the day when i have some good light to take a photo of them all together.

beetlejuice trees in little gift box

halloween wreaths

falling leaves
 we had to order take out because there wasn't a spot to cook :)
tonight i am making chicken and dumplings, so hopefully the family will overlook
their mom's crazy obsession....

vintage village
candy corn

orange crush
 i will be adding these trees to spooky little houses, spun cotton ornaments, paper mache figures,
little halloween treat bags, and all along the my window sill in my studio next to spooky cats and grinning pumpkins....
happy weekend,

Monday, September 3

early halloween treats....

black cat canfolk by Kristen Sunby

labor day means the evenings are getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors on my mountain, and halloween is coming.....  have you noticed the halloween candy is already stocked on the shelves in the market.  its too early to get started on peanut butter pumpkins so instead i unpacked a few of my favorite halloween decorations for the studio.  this black cat canfolk by Kristen Sunby has the most adorable face.  i just ordered it this weekend and it hasn't arrived yet but i know just where to put it.  

sour pumpkin bucket by cat and fiddle
 This sour pumpkin bucket is from last year and was a special order created by C.F. Copp-Waterfield of Cat & Fiddle  such wonderful, creepy halloween creations.

owls by vintage by crystal

 this spun cotton owl collection is new from VintagebyCrystal.  i bought the top left pumpkin owl for my halloween display.  what a great face don't you think.

vintage cake frills by Miss Cecilia

 I found these vintage cake frills made by in England by Deeko at Miss Cecelia's etsy shop.  they are even more gorgeous up close than in the photo.  can't wait to use them in some halloween projects.

vintage number circles
mustachio the black cat candy bucket
jet black twisted wire stamen sprays

new orange and black polka dot tulle ruffles

halloween vintage art kit
and here are a few goodies in my shop Vintage Handmade to get you thinking about i got out my supplies to sew up a few more little black cats this week, i can't wait!
enjoy the holiday today,  julie

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