Saturday, January 26

a tiny heart shaped box....

its a tiny heart shaped box...
with a bit of vintage french moire wallpaper along the outside.
filled with ruffles, flowers, and a rolled up note~

i have been collecting tiny millinery flowers for years.  the tiny velvet ones are my favorite, but i also am
completely taken by the sweet starched cotton ones with rolled fabric stems.

here is a box for you to start your own collection~  

 here is the vintage french wallpaper i used.  it has beautiful tiny pink buds and a moire pattern.  rolled up and tied with ribbon, just for you...

lately i have been seeing gorgeous vintage valentine candy boxes like this one from such pretty things.
with lovely satin ruffles and vintage millinery flowers...
what a gorgeous combination.

more delicious ruffles on pinterest of course.
i always buy vintage crocheted heart pin cushions at thrift stores...

if the satin ribbon is stained or ruined i just take it out.  this blue heart pin cushion has a few millinery flowers added along with a vintage velvet hat bow.

pink is always irresistible...

this tattered and stitched pin cushion is just stunning.  the colors and the embroidery are perfect!
i am starting to see hearts everywhere~

Tuesday, January 15

i think i'm in love with a wolf....

well in love with this wolf anyway..
i love this sweet valentine set by retro and rubys , $4 and check out these amazing envelopes!

i am reading the sisters grimm right now and tucked the little forest valentine in as a bookmark.

these amazing candied apples would make the perfect valentine day treat for me and my wolf wouldn't they.

this year i collected papers and trims in red, aqua, black and white for my valentine making kit. i adore using these red dennison labels to close tiny glassine envelopes.

these lingerie ruffles are for my aqua blue coin envelopes...

a bit of whimsical inspiration by tammy smith  darling circus themed swinging birds...

its true love.
thank you little red

Tuesday, January 8

my secret heart...

the blinding white snow outside and temperatures in the single digits.
i have decided to just move on to the next holiday.  somewhere warm and pink.

here is my secret heart...

it was my mornings indulgence while the house was still quiet.
pale pink wool heart tied closed with a silk ribbon.  the front is in two pieces
with each half hemmed down the center before stitching to the back.
perhaps i will tuck inside a paper with my wish for this new year.

 photographed on a page from my fabric book 'living praise' published in the first issue
of Art Quilting Studio. you can see more of the book here.

oh, the frame of vintage buttons~

just a few moments until the kids come home from school. 
everyone will be hungry
and tired.
luckily someone else is making dinner because i still have miles to go before i sleep.

Monday, January 7

the vintage whites market...

guess where i'm going to be this spring?   at the Vintage Whites Market....
i'll be posting photos of my new spring finds,  its going to be a great show!
hope to see you there,

Thursday, January 3

baby its cold outside...

it was an unbelievable 6 degrees this morning.  
piles of snow everywhere
and a nasty icy driveway!

it was so cold this morning as i scraped off the cars all i could think about was making some cashmere sweater rice bags to tuck in my pockets....\
 i sewed them using some left over pieces of a cashmere sweater and filled them with rice, so very soft and cozy!  all you do is microwave until warm and toasty. 
then i made this little snowgirl and tucked her in a little snow scene with some bottle brush trees and some vintage mica snow.  

the snowgirl is made by sewing together 4 wool circles.  the bottom circles are 2 3/4 inches in diameter,
the top circles are 2 inches in diameter.  
i sewed the snowgirl together with silver embroidery floss and stuffed her with some stuffing.
the arms are a cotton pipe cleaner with the ends folded over for hands.  one hand holds a tiny pink tree. 
a vintage petticoat ruffle is added around her neck with a tiny tinsel puff.
 the face is embroidered with hand dyed wool threads.
the tiny wool hat was knitted in the round with a tiny white glittered bell sewn on top.

for the photograph i added a pile of vintage mica snow to the base.  i bought my box from StorageAndDisplay on etsy for only $8.00  it is just gorgeous with a very vintage color!
the old graphics on the box have been reproduced for a box of mica sold by Bethany Lowe, but this old box is the real deal!  There is even free shipping right now :)
so if you don't have all the snow i do right now, you can order your own.

Sherene from StorageAndDisplay has the most adorable story of how they bought an old Victorian farm house built in 1896. The unfinished attic held all kinds of old and not very pleasant things, but there was a mountain of Antique Sparkle Snow boxes! here is the photo of the house they bought.

a perfect winter wonderland.
hope you are staying warm,
i am going to microwave my cashmere rice bags~

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