Tuesday, October 6

Ombre Trees...

Ombre Trees in the shop today!
6 inch dyed bottle brush trees.  Perfect for your Tiny Glittered Village decorations.
the beautiful fall sun dried all the trees out on the deck today, such a colorful little forest...

Dark Teal Ombre

Pink Ombre

Mint Green Ombre

Aqua and Cream Stripe

Monday, September 14

Haunted House...

I made some matte black haunted house cages today for the shop and couldn't resist taking a photo with pumpkin man inside...

we are having a rainy couple of days this week and I am watching my neighbors tree turn orange before my eyes.  thinking Halloween!

Wednesday, August 5

Sparkling Mercury Glass Ornaments~

So Beautiful~

all packaged up in the shop today.  Lovely Mercury Glass beads, indented, faceted, striped, pebbled, and weathered to perfection!  How can I choose....

Wednesday, May 20

time to celebrate..

So many reasons to celebrate!
Mom turned 80, graduation next week, and Hannah has a birthday right around the corner.
May has been such a beautiful month.  I have had the idea to make these little birthday lambs for a bit now.  Finally sat down and made them.

couldn't resist a little pink party hat lamb.  For the hat I used some pretty party tissue with some glitter trim.  The crepe paper collar is only 1/2 inch wide folded in half and a piece of pink tulle is tied in a little bow.  In the shop while they last...

Thursday, April 23

one thrifted canvas panel.....

one thrifted canvas panel plus one vintage (reclaimed) metal zipper
and a bit of thread.

this one is for my traveling pens.  it needs a leather pull tab I think, and can't decide how many circles to sew on....

Tuesday, January 27

sweet hearts...

Every Valentines Day it seems I can't resist sitting down to sew up a few sweet hearts.  This year I started out with a bowl of cream and red wool hearts and a gorgeous box of vintage millinery flowers.  After a perfectly luxurious afternoon of stitching I snapped a few photos of them all together.

this red wool felted heart has a bouquet of the tineist plaster stamens and a satin Japanese cherry blossom.

  you can see how tiny they are in my hand.  the pink and cream is just so sweet and delicate.

five of the cream and pink ones together, so hard to pick a favorite!

I am going to love giving these away this year...

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