Tuesday, February 17

just a week until the art nest. . .

with just one week to go until the art nest
candice and i are busy mama birds getting all the last minute details ready to go.

it is much more fun fussing over the pretty details like these tablecloth tool kits i have been sewing for everyone than keeping track of how many towels we have at the chalet. a selection of beads to use in Jane Wynn's class, wrapped up on a pretty tag.
paintbrushes, pencils and a vintage paper notepad to use in the collage classes by Kelly Rae Roberts and Mati McDonough.

hand covered vintage wool buttons close each kit.

it has been snowing every day this week so we will have a lovely fresh dusting of white over everything. i wanted to share a few images of all the excitement since that is all i have been doing for several weeks now.

when i get back i will be posting the march petite art kit in my etsy shop, 'irish gold', until then i have been busy making 30 little art trades and a few things to sell at the artist sale friday night.

these little birds will be on the cover of each little handmade notebook made by my daughter marina. she will be posting some little ones on her etsy shop soon.

here is the invitation to the artist sale, can't wait for that!

and the beautiful packet made from ledger paper cassondra made for us! it unfolds to the schedule, a list of what to bring and a gorgeous card from each of the teachers.
just 7 more days to go.....

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