Friday, August 24

Back to School Decorating and the vintage crisis hotline....

so i bought an orange chair.
a vintage orange chair.
a vintage orange grandma chair.
it even has a matching ottoman.

i may have fallen in your esteem at this point. who would buy an orange chair you might have asked yourself...especially THAT orange chair?

~i have considered blaming my purchase on the recent move of my daughter to college and the shopping trips we spent buying things for her first dorm room.
~it may also have something to do with this year is the first in 15 years i am not going back to school as a teacher, not decorating my classroom, not waiting at the door on that first day to welcome all the kids to share the wonder of the world with me.
~perhaps it is just because the darn thing is so comfy and that carries some decorating weight with me...

anyway, here it is~

my husband drove me to pick it up. it must be true love because he loaded it in the truck and drove me home, and carried it downstairs for me. as it sat there down the hall from my studio and i kept glancing at it.
i admit i had a moment when i needed to call the vintage crisis hotline.  is there one? someone you can call and say, did i just make a big mistake buying that piece of junk?
maybe the volunteer that answers the phone could have said in a nice voice, lady its ok.  it was only 40 bucks right? you can always donate it back to the thrift store if you hate it.  :)

my daughters love it, tiny wants it in her room...
the boy said 'hideous' at first glance and ran up stairs for a snack.
then later in the evening i caught him sitting in it and he admitted 'its growing on me'

i assured them all i had a plan. i showed them this pillow from pillows4fun on etsy.
this is the color scheme i said. you'll like it.

then i showed them this photo and said, see orange chairs can be cool.
i want the family room to be a funky retro hang for the teenagers and their friends.
i hope their friends are not all scared of the orange chair~

it will go perfect with my black world globe collection. this one is at $102.50 on ebay right now. who knew..
it will go with my vintage suitcases. this photo is from beephotography

i am also going to hang both my daughters portrait oils on one wall in ornate black frames... should be wild.
i already have a turquoise Formica game table.

add our vintage Nintendo 64 game system we have been collecting off ebay and this little orange mini fridge. who could say no?

well, here's to saying yes. its never too late to start choosing things that make you happy, creating a space that feels like you, and following a little different path.
even if that path happens to lead to an orange chair.

all the best,

Tuesday, August 7

summer art kits on sale today...

all pink vintage summer art kit
8 pretty summer art kits are on sale today in my shop Vintage Handmade.  the hard part will be deciding which one to buy....  or maybe waiting for your package to arrive in the mail. 
enjoy~  julie

olive and gold vintage art kit
aqua blue vintage art kit
silver and cream vintage art kit
pink lemonade summer art kit

may day art kit

summer sun dress art kit
cameo pink and platinum art kit

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