Monday, July 31

little house by the sea

we were winding along highway 101 in northern california when we stopped at this house to watch the elk grazing in the meadow, but it was the house nestled deep in the tall trees that captured my imagination. i would love to live by the sea and watch the fog and mist roll in. in the mornings i would curl up with a hot cup of tea in front of the windows and look out to see the day unfurl her wings.


Tammie Lee said...

I am wandering about your blog. I remember seeing this house and there were elk in the yard when I drove by too. Maybe it is their house?! ;-)

Anonymous said...

i am lovin' your blog.
so creative!!

how did you get a template for your blog that has three columns??

i'd like that too!

Julie Collings said...

Hi Rebecca,
Your profile is not available and there was no email attached to your comment so I am leaving the answer to your question here, hoping you will get it....

here is the tutorial I followed:
best wiehes, Julie

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