Thursday, June 19

french blue art treats.

i have only had my etsy shop for a week and i can't believe how much fun it has been! i have always adored mailing packages wrapped up with string, writing little notes, making handmade labels, and packing little bits of my treasures. i am looking at everything with a new eye these days. last week as i was going out to the estate sales i had my eyes open for little things to put in my art treats. my best finds were two vintage pendleton wool shirts, gorgeous wool in the colors of fall.

my favorite thing so far in my shop is this little scalloped embroidered pocket i sewed from a set of old pillowcases. they were rolled up carefully in someones attic for years. i would have happily used them on my pillows, but there were some holes in the cotton and several stains. the lovely stitching was so fine and even i bought them anyway. i feels wonderful to make these beautiful pockets out of something that once had such care and would have been forgotton.
the little french blue blossoms are so sweet with the tiniest black stamen clusters inside. collecting old millinery flowers is only one of my weaknesses. . . .

two more quite delicious summer trips to look forward to:

the art nest next week-i am still sewing and printing the canvas tool kits. today i am finishing the guache paint palettes and starting the name tags. can't wait to post about them when they are all finished! candice has been making these amazing salvage cards to go inside with all the other goodies.

marina and i will be taking in new york city together to celebrate her graduation. i lived 20 minutes outside the city for a year when i was 18 and went in every weekend to the flea markets. it will be amazing to go again and check it out together. tinsel trading is one place i am definitly going to visit! if you found a wonderful shop or resaurant you have visited that you think i would adore, please leave the info in a comment. we will be going in about three weeks.
happy thursday, julie

Wednesday, June 11

two new things to post about

i sent off the very last package to northlight for my new book 'pretty little felts'. everything is done, the projects, the photoshoot, the instructions, the edits, and the little zipper purses are on their way to the marketing department.
it is a wonderful place to be here at the start of summer. i haven't seen all the images in color and much of the design work will be a surprise when i see it all together, but i am so thrilled. you can see the cover on amazon already even though it won't be out until this fall. my first booksigning will be at art and soul this october, so very excited to go!

i sent off this batch of wool zipper purses complete with hand watercolored business cards and tags to the marketing department. inside is a cellophane bag of pastel jordan almonds just to give them a cool feel. they are going to be sent with my book to the big buying accounts. i found these amazing wool skirts at a new shop nearby called the coal umbrella. all four of them came in the same shipment and must have been from the 50's. i was crazy about the great plaids. each purse has its own zipper pull wired on with sterling silver wire and each one has an embroidered design.

my other new thing is i opened an etsy shop this morning. i haven't figured out how to edit my profile and i only have one item listed so far just to see how it would look, but i loaded the link for my shop and it works! (way too easy)
i have been busy making things to sell at the art nest midsummer artist sale in two weeks and thought i would post some on my shop before i go.

the artist sale is going to be so amazing, i am hoping to buy a necklace from stephanie lee. i still have quite a bit of packing of supplies left to do, but i can't wait. there is only one spot left, so if you are free june 24-29th send me an email and i will try to get you in. :)

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