Tuesday, October 28

Snowman, the before and after photos...

This post is a continuation from my last one.  If you are just joining me, last week I found a zip lock bag of the old spun cotton Christmas package ties.  It was an old collection of Santas and snowmen, some had seen better days.
And well yes, it is Halloween this week and I am posting Christmas images.  That's how it goes when you have a shop and create things for the holidays, I am always working several months ahead. 
With that said, these snowmen were so fun to work with, I couldn't resist mixing things up a bit.  Here are the before and after photos~

Don't you love that before face with the one BIG eyebrow? 
First step was to fix the proportion problem.  I took off the cute top hat, metallic bow tie, sequin and nose.  I decided to save the satin wrapped bottom and use it for a bigger snowman.   I glued on the head from a vintage spun cotton snowman onto a tiny striped satin ball that came from a vintage garland {best find ever!}
The proportion is much better.  I loved his funny face so I left it.  Next I glued on the top hat and used a tiny sequin pin to put the sequin back in place.  I added the chenille arms next and tied a bit of tinsel on for a scarf.  Then I glued the bow tie back in place and added a glittered base so he can stand up.
much better!

here is where the satin ball ended up~
this snowman has a bit bigger head so it works.  He has a plastic top hat and a wee crepe paper ruffle collar.  I had to trim down one of my ruffles so it would be the right size, its about 3/8 of and inch and folded in half.  The wonderful tree is from an old Christmas corsage.  I wonder if it was that color to begin with or has it just faded after 60 years?

This guy got a vintage mercury ball wrapped in metallic mesh.  So sparkly...

always something so darling about a grumpy snowman...
this guy is not having the best day,  maybe he just hates photo shoots.  his arms are a piece of vintage bump chenille with glass garland beads on the ends.  You can't tell so much by the photograph, but the little guy on the right is only 1-1/2 inches tall.  I just love making things tiny!

I have a few angels to make over and then the elves.  see you soon,

Monday, October 27

Santa, the before and after shots....

Last week I found a zip lock bag of the old spun cotton Christmas package ties, a collection of santas and snowmen. I had so much fun this weekend making them over adding some fun vintage trims.
Here are a few of my favorites~
the before and after shots are kind of amazing...

First step was to take off the yucky chenille hat trim.  The hat came off next and then the head with the awful face.  I glued on a new spun cotton head and drew on a tiny face and added a berry nose.  The beard and mustache are bits of vintage wool.  Then I glued on the hat with a new chenille trim. 
I added a new belly band and a vintage sequin, pin and bead.  Then some chenille arms holding a vintage bottle brush tree decorated with glass garland beads.  I glued on a glittered base last so Santa could stand up on his own. 
much better!

this santa has a chenille mustache and is holding a glittered branch and a chenille tree.

This santa has a tiny gold medallion on his tummy and is holding the tiniest bell.  I love his tinsel scarf.

Tomorrow I will post the snowmen, time for me to make dinner....
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