Tuesday, February 14

vintage valentine tutorial

i started making these layered vintage fabric valentines a couple of years ago. i have quite a collection now.

you can see a few of my favorites here:
i started working on this valentine at our art group. they take just a few bits and pieces of old papers and fabrics and a needle and thread.

1. start with a heavy water color paper base. i like to tear the edges. you can either make it flat or so that the card is folded.

2. lay a base coat of paint down in a square like for this valentine cupids arrow
or use a square of a vintage linen piece like i used for this tutorial.

3. begin a loose grid by selecting papers, sheer fabrics and trims and cutting little squares. lay them down on your base and experiment with layering one on top of another until you like the design.

4. add a few pretty bits to each square and sew, glue, or pin them in place. i like to use millinery flowers, ribbon, appliques, tinsel, rhinestones, ruffles, velvet ribbon, sequins, and vintage pins.

here is each little square and what i used:
the first square has a piece of vintage book paper with a layer of sheer flocked polka dot fabric, a vintage cafe curtain. on top of that i sewed a tiny millinery bouquet with floss and tied a silk ribbon around it.

the second square has a piece of vintage pink eyelet lace with an applique on top.
a bit of tinsel is sewn in place for the center. little dark pink stitches are sewn along one side.

the third square has a base of a piece of an old quilt~the back of the piece, a bit of vintage petticoat ruffles and a strip of rhinestones that came from an old costume.

the fourth square has a base of an old dresser scarf, a pink velvet heart cut from a ribbon on an old easter hat, some sequins i took off the applique sewn on with little french knots for each center, a vintage pin and ribbon banner.

so fun and easy to put together especially if you have little collection of bits and pieces you keep together. i like to add things by color or holiday to a zip lock bag so i have them quick and ready to go. this stuff was all in my pink valentine bag...

today i got in the mail this lovely cone from my art friend lorraine.aren't i just the luckiest girl! of course i saved this sweet pink book for just this moment. i have been eating the salted caramels she tucked inside while i have been writing this post, yummmie!

i love how she added the lace piece over the craft paper cone and made this little tulle and lace accent.

she even used one of my posies for the top and added a punched paper sash, how gorgeous.

and just to leave you with a bit more pink that is on my desk and making me happy
here are the new sugared millinery eggs i found

a stack of business cards my niece rachelle made for me. love, and love that spun cotton cattail. hope to get a few more back in my shop, they sold out in 2 days!

and the last photo is of the pink angel i made using one of the dolls by nicole sayre. she is sending you a bit of valentine love...

Thursday, February 9

little bunnies in a basket

i can't even wait to post these until valentines day is over.
yes....it is holiday jumping, but i started sewing these little
bunnies and stuffing them in this basket and i just want to show
they are making me very happy~
4 1/2 inches tall made from vintage and dyed fabrics. i have been making one a day just to tweak the pattern a bit. i drew a little pattern using a vintage bunny i bought. it was so sweet, had 5 cents stamped on the bottom.

i was supposed to show you a tutorial for making layered paper and sheer fabric valentines today, got a little sidetracked.
hope you are having a great thursday, julie

Tuesday, February 7

vintage red hearts

i found this darling little red leather heart case on etsy a few months ago. it just had my name on it....
it was made by beauty mate in west germany and held a little red handled manicure set, only one little piece is left inside. i think i want to turn it into a little needle case.
these are the new ruffles i made today. there is something just so relaxing about sewing up yards and yards of lovely red ruffles and then rolling them carefully up in a wheel of paper ruffles.

this crepe paper was made by the dennison company in the 1930's. it is a huge sheet of bricks to decorate a chimney i think. i cut the rows apart so each ruffle would have a little band of 'mortar' along the edges.

i have plans for a few more valentines to make this week, how about you?

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