Tuesday, May 27

a wish cake

it is definitely time to celebrate! i am actually walking around spontaneously bursing into song (showtunes), grinning like a cheshire cat, and giggling to myself. well, it is the last day of school. i am still so much like a kid, to have three whole months ahead of me with no school leaves me feeling giddy and marvelously free.
of course i start out the summer with grandiose plans of adventures with the kids, art hours that last until the wee morning light, and spectacular organization projects going on throughout the house. i am a bit realistic however, by the time august rolls around i already know i will be going crazy with three teenagers sleeping in until after lunch, the revolving front door, and the fridge opening so often it wont even keep the milk cold. i won't be able to wait until we start a real schedule again. but for today, this minute, i can't contain my excitement.

i am celebrating these things:

two birthdays this week: hannah is 14! and amanda is a few years older than that tomorrow. happy days girls

marina graduating tomorrow where is that little red headed girl of mine? she's all grown up and ready to save the world.

heading to the oregon coast for a week long holiday right on the ocean. we are going whale watching and to the aquarium. its a long 16 hour drive to the coast, but the first view of the ocean always takes my breath away!

last day of school today and waiting for me in the mailbox was a fat little package from kari . . . oh i do love little unexpected surprises in the mail.

a tall glass of coke zero on pebble ice

and the art nest is only a couple of weeks away, i can hardly wait!

i'm about ready to start singing again and can't sit still at the computer another minute so i'm off to celebrate. . .
cheers, julie

Saturday, May 10

mothers and daughters

me and hannah four days old.

in celebration of five generations of mothers and daughters in my family. here are my three daughters. i never imagined how much they would capture my heart. it is a bittersweet year for me as a mother. my oldest is graduating and moving on to the next place in her life. she is ready to be on her own now and her life outside the nest is pulling at her. though i don't know what we will do without her. then my youngest will be starting first grade next year and for the first time in ten years i won't have one of my own children in my class.




here are three generations of women who have shaped my life. my mother joan

grandma eloise with olivia on her blessing day

elosie my grandmother
frances, my great-grandmother who i never met, but must have been a beautiful soul to have raised my grandmother to be who she is.

olivia's picture and poem, mom her hair is softer than a hens feather.
i love you all xo mom
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