Monday, December 31

happy new year!

it is snowing again outside, adding to the pile up of white stuff out my window.

i am making a few little snowmen today in the studio just for fun.
this little gal is made with spun cotton and frosted over with mica glitter and snuggled
in a vintage ruffled collar. 

another experiment....
i started with a little water balloon {always have a few of these around}
and filled it with air.  i built the cotton batting around the balloon and left it
to dry.  in a couple of days the balloons shrink and you can trim a nice
edge on the top. 

add a cute handle and some paint.  don't forget a cherry nose and some glittler
frosting and you have a little snowgirl ready to celebrate

happy new year wishes!

Thursday, December 6

Candyland for the holidays...

everything looks like candyland around here...
i had to share a few photos, the colors are just making me happy today.
the tiny forest from the game Candyland...


tiny pink rhinestone deer

vintage aqua blue velvet flower and petticoat ruffles on this stocking
mercury glass ornaments~ gorgeous colors

the tiny striped trees are all dusted with mica glitter!

tiny stocking only 4 inches long.  such a soft aqua wool I just loved making them

an ice cream forest...

stars were gleaming...
frosted bottle brush wreath in pink sugar candy

welcome home collection...

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