Thursday, August 24

down right gritty

so many beautiful blogs out there. i even read a few every day even though it bugs me to see their names on my bookmark bar. their photos are gorgeous, (i know how long it takes to set up a shot) their children are smiling, their houses are decorated with a theme even and apparently they make beautiful art all day.
sometimes when i am running i dream of posting horrible gross pictures just to remind people out there that our lives are not even supposed to be this lovely perfection. lots of life is down right gritty.
that is my explanation for the following photos. they are part of my collection of 'that is the worst public bathroom i have ever seen file' i know you are surprised i even have a file like that and am even taking the time to blog about it.

however, today i celebrate all plumbing in honor of my sister who knocked down her fence bulldozed over a peach tree and plowed through her garden only to spend the entire day digging up her backyard looking for a blockage in her plumbing. the following are scenes from our last family vacation. right after our car broke down we were towed to this lovely roadside RV park for the evening.
there are times when even the worst public bathroom is greeted with appreciation.

the door does give a bit away doesn't it.

then there is the leaning toilet with absolutely no paper available.

the shower does seem to have a bit of style with the jaunty purple and white striped curtain.

as you exit please close the door. thank you and come again.

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