Thursday, August 31


ok, so this new schedule is kicking our butts!
batgirl crashed out on the couch in the middle of everything yesterday. we are all feeling the drain of early mornings, homework, football and soccer games, and the general dashing around that leaves the house (kitchen in particular) in the wake of utter disaster! today i just want curl up in the lovesak with babygirl in our jammies and watch a movie. that would mean the laundry and dishes and clutter upstairs would just become the fossilized lower layer to the next batch of fallout that will settle at 3:00pm this afternoon after everyone comes home again.
hmmmmmmm, what to do. . . . .
the color version of this photo shows off batgirls fab black and fushia belt, but also gives a clear view of our couch which is NOT fabulous. it is the second hideous couch we have owned, the first being a 7 foot blue and green sculpted velvet floral thing that my aunt gave us when we first got married. the aunt that still paints on her eyebrows to look like the mcdonalds arches.
so you see why i dream of smooth leather conversation groupings as seen in pottery barn.

1 comment:

Marina Collings Whiting said...

i actually like that picture in black and white. way to go mom!!! beautiful. i remember that couch. and it still gives me nightmares.

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