Thursday, February 28

returning from the art nest

i am home from such a fabulous weekend at the art nest!! i had an amazing time. i loved the classes, all the snow, everyone i met, and the food was over the top delish. . . here are the darling stockings for each of us filled with vintage goodies and chocolate and all the cool artists that attended (except jayne, so sorry sweetey you were sick that night)

my first class was with anahata katkin, symbolic icons. i had no idea what to bring for this class but just threw in some paper ephemera and copied faces. it was down right incredible to watch anahata work! she works quickly and intuitively with lots of color, pattern, and movement. to give you an idea of the artistic abandon going on she rolled right through her sample piece with ink on a pizza cutter!!
i had such a great time watching her doodle all over her pieces with white and black pens. i was blown away by how cool it all looked together.
here is my first piece in progress. i am actually so glad i took this photo, look at the difference. check out how bad the vintage ledger paper bubbled when i used gel medium. regular old glue stick actually worked better to stick the paper down, then i used gel mediuim over the top.

this is 'the snail cart' completed.

my second piece started out like such a dud. i tried to sew on the page and then add dribbled ink. total disaster, so i turned the paper over quick before anahata could see it and began again.
here is 'miss western hemisphere'. i really like all the black and white doodling! i brought pitt pens and five new micron pens and they didn't really work. the magic is the uni-ball pen. it wrote all over everything!! plus my all time favorite white gel pen uni-ball signo.

here is anahata at the end of the day at our show and tell with her piece. each of us showed the pieces we created in her class and talked about what we did. it was amazing the work that everyone created that day with anahata's suggestions. if you ever have the opportunity to take a class from her, totally go for it!!
the sun is just streaming through the cabin windows around anahata like a halo. what a lovely day. . .

anahata's very cool kit filled with her collage bits and pieces

anahata and jen working on jen's very cool and colorful symbolic icon.

after the class i wanted to try working on a smaller piece and made this collage 'flower face' i just feel more comfortable working small. i made myself do the big collage on canvas with the class and was surprised how much i really liked it!

Saturday, February 9

tickled pink!

this is the big smile that was on my face when i opened my mailbox and found a big padded envelope from stampington & co with this inside!

such a fun surprise before christmas when staci dumoski emailed me about featuring my blog in the next issue of artful blogging! ( it was a heart attack enough just seeing her name in my email inbox! )
i had a hard time waiting for my copy to arrive. i started seeing little peeks around blogland. i was ready to go buy a copy because i am so impatient, but my barnes and noble sold out in one day! lucky for me it arrived this week. ( i had plans to drive to the next barnes and noble 60 miles away :)
for the past two days i have been enthralled with the photos and text from all the inspiring blogs featured. right on the cover is a beautiful silver glitter star surrounded by roses by my art friend marilyn! her blog outside the lines is featured as well and shows such a lovely collection of her amazing photographs.

there is pink everywhere i look today! here is a stack of flocked hankies just waiting to be remade into some new project. the little heart is made from some vintage fabric i found at quilt market last spring and the tiny pearl beads are from a broken vintage necklace.

even more pink, here is the little card i made to go inside my art nest trades. i am having such a hard time printing off copies.
how do you do it??
i have tried scanning and printing, copying at the copy store, having the copy store scan and adjust the image and every time it comes out blurry because of the depth of the items i glued on. i dropped it off at the photo shop to have a digital image taken in a photo box but isn't there an easier way to get a nice image reproduced?
please share your tips. . .

then with all the pink happiness i've had this week the valentine fairy (my daughter hannah) stopped by and left this for me. she is sweet- the fairy and my hannah.
xo julie

Thursday, February 7

looking forward to summer art nest!

tomorrow is the big day, registration for the june art nest opens and i am so excited!

stephanie lee has a new book coming out, semi-precious salvage and the cover alone has me counting down the days to its release. i took a class from stephanie last fall making chain and soldered bezels. it was really amazing. she will be teaching a new class 'junk drawer metalsmithing' where she will be showing how to cast 3d objects and fabricate metal boxes and shrines that can be filled with plaster or resin.

i have always adored carla sonheims work. i am so drawn to the innocent and whimsical figures. in carla's workshop we will be completing dozens of drawings using a variety of media including pencil, charcoal, ink, and crayon focusing on creating pieces that are fanciful, silly, odd, and fun!

alma stoller is a mixed media artist that makes the coolest, funky fabric baubles and a collection of fabric oddities. she will be teaching altered fabric techniques and dimensional appliques that are combined with embroiderey in her class 'tapestry art quilt'.

the summer art nest it is going to be a wonderful weekend spent in Park City, Utah creating art and enjoying the beautiful mountain wildflowers. washington school inn. it is the most lovely old school house turned bed and breakfast. we will have the whole inn to ourselves for four days. here is candice outside the inn, can you even believe how much snow we have right now?

the art classes will be a few steps down the street in the studio space at the cool kimball art center. they just finished hosting a huge exhibit for the sundance film festival and we got to see some of the art as they were changing the show.

one of our favorite places to go in park city is bistro 412. we are reserving the whole restaurant for our catered french dinner. the waiter posed a little too happily for this photo and spouted french to us as we sampled a few of the items on the menu. we tasted the baked brie, sauteed shitake musrooms, creamy scalloped potatoes baked with bread crumbs, and cinnamon raisin bread pudding with rum sauce. yum! hope you can join us. xo julie

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