Monday, December 29

ok, i had a bit of a heart attack today.....

so i am in my pjs still (hey, i am on vacation!) i threw on my big coat with the fur collar and my slippers and tried to sneak out to the mailbox this morning without my neighbors noticing. my box was stuffed clear to the top with envelopes, a little bit late padded mailers with things i ordered off etsy, and one big magazine from somerset. i could barely wiggle it all out. trying not to slip on the ice i sneaked back in the house and dumped the loot on the table.

envelopes, bills, the dvd i ordered-i think, and the new somerset life.
i tore off the plastic wrapping and let the paper cover fall to the floor and there it was.....the reason for my bit of a heart attack. i am on the cover of the new issue of somerset life!

**insert unabashed horn tooting here**

well, not me actually but my beautiful velvet valentine. noone breathed a word of this secret to me, this is the coolest surprise ever! it is one of the valentines i made for my little love notes article.

on page 34 here is my little dancing marie antoinette compact, and the tiny silver tinsel and felt kit i made in a vintage bird mold.

and here in the 'things we love' spread my love notes valentine kit.

this issue is packed with gorgeous photos of so many lovely, sweet things. you are going to love it. i heart mondays after today. xo julie

(all photos in this post are by somerset and can be found in the winter 2009 issue.)

Friday, December 26

santa calls. . .

i told my kids this year i had a direct line to the big guy himself. this little phone was my link to the north pole. as it turned out it was rather handy to be able to chat whenever i had an idea. the speed phone was manufactured by the gong bell mfg. co. in 1942. a little childs play phone that simply enchants me.
it may be the wonderful red paint worn by so many little hands. . .

one of our favorite christmas traditions is to buy a new holiday picture book each year. we read them all through the season. 'santa calls' by william joyce c1993 is one of my favorites. the illustrations are whimsical and fun. there is an adventure to the north pole, a battle with dark elves, a black licorice candy bomb, and little ester aimsworth gets her christmas wish.

try to find a copy that has in the back the lift up letters that ester wrote to santa and the one he gave to her on christmas.

it has been snowing almost every day for over a week. the big white flakes have covered everything in sight and we have huge piles of snow all around for the kids to play on. if you can believe the kids and matt are working on a big 5 foot hill in the front yard. they climb up the bunk bed ladder to the top and sled down with plans to make a run that goes through the gate at the side of the house and down the hill into the back yard and under the trampoline. it should take us all vacation to build it.
i hope your holiday is warm and filled with laughter. cheers, julie
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