Monday, September 22

Oh my, Mushrooms~

Monday has been Mushroom day at my house~ 
all these mushrooms will be in my Etsy shop Vintage Handmade  tomorrow.
mossy fingers, piles of dyed velvet everywhere, and little forests of mushrooms
all over my desk.   The wine and chocolate set has a beautiful deep aubergine color that is new and a scrumptious chocolate brown...

wine and chocolate

set of 3 large classic red mushrooms

medium mushrooms set of 3 fall colors
this set of 3 fall colors is a medium set of 3 mushrooms.  they are a tiny 2 inches or less

mushroom minis

these are new. mushroom minis only 1-1/4 inches tall with a little hanging loop so you can tie these on packages or hang on a feather tree.  oh so sweet in pink~

pink mushroom minis

aqua large set of 3 mushrooms

acid green set of 4 mushrooms
 I can't help making a couple aqua blue sets everytime since its my favorite color.
the acid green mushroom in this set looks positively yummy.

large mushroom ornament

large mushroom ornament
a couple of large ornaments with hangers for your big tree.

and this photo of them all in a tray after I photographed the groups, wow.
the hand dyed silk velvet has such great texture and just soaks up the color.
I just love making these beauties...

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