Monday, September 3

in my studio and our birthday boy. . .

the sparrows post is up and running! exciting news for those of us waiting for candice to finally start a blog. this week she is having people give a link to their blog and post about what is in their studio.
for me my studio was burried with the start of teaching again this fall, every little detail to finish before the first day.
then i have been working madly towards a book deadline this week. all the gorgeous colors of wool roving from ornamentea are everywhere, the beads are piling up in these vintage childrens bread pans and my desk has many layers of beads, strings, baubles, fabrics, glitter, pliers, glue, pins, notes, designs, (not even the whole list) i barely have room to move.
then this week we are celebrating the 11th birthday for my favorite (and only) son!! happy birthday burke.
i took this series of pictures of him when we went to goblin valley this summer. southern utah has the most amazing red rocks in the world. goblin valley is a huge valley of red rock sculptures that have eroded away into the weirdest formations called hoodoos.
this is his amazing jump. . .

you can get an idea how huge the hoodoos are when you see how small burke is in this picture.
we picked blackberries and raspberries at the farm today for his birthday cheesecake. i suggested to the farmer he should round the amount on the scale up a bit as i admitted we ate quite a few while picking and the darling old man said 'good, i would have wondered if you hadn't'

i love people like that.
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