Monday, October 29

a halloween wish. . .

last year on this post i made a halloween wish. . .

i wished for an art group. i wanted to be part of a family of artists that would meet together for a whole evening of art. a show and tell of the amazing things we were all working on, great things we had found, little trades for everyone, tasty things to eat. . .of course dark chocolate, and the time to talk about everything with each other. I wanted to stay up late into the night creating, laughing, and then finally packing up and driving home feeling alive again.

the wonderful thing about wishes that you set free is they start to come true.

right after that i went to art and soul in portland and met several amazing women that live right here in utah. we got together for our first ever art group at my house a few weeks later. there were five of us that first night.
since then we have been looking for others that might have the same wish. we looked at workshops and retreats, online and on blogs, we even had the idea to put little post-it personal ads in the issues of Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors at our local Barnes and Noble inviting artists to join us. someone was buying up those magazines!

a year later and there are now 14 members in our art group! we come from such different backgrounds, each in different stages of our lives, facing our own struggles, with different areas of experience, but we all have one thing in common--the need to make art.

i look so forward to art night. what a blast we have together. i can't even describe how important these women have become to me. dear friends my art family.

so maybe you have a wish. . . send it my way. i have my lucky jeans on today, you never know what might happen.
xo julie

here is the goody bag sherri and i put together for our art group this month and my boo box.

we were making halloween shadowboxes like these amazing ones in Somerset Studio September/October 2207 below by Kerry Howard-Schmidt.

creepy cute stuff:
the owl egg at the top is made out of paper clay, incredible detail. i bought it at vendors night art and soul portland this month from Sue Hadden. (Thanks LK for your help with the artists name!) i'll let you know if i find a website or any other info for her. she made really creepy cool dolls also.

sherri bought this cat from the halloween and vine show in california. she is made out of a black nylon stocking. couldn't love the face and necklace any more! let me know if you recognize this artist as well.

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