Saturday, October 13

spun cotton trick or treat kids on a fall day...

 its a perfect fall day...
the kids are out for fall break and it looks like this outside~
yes, the sky really is that blue here in Utah.


i'm painting these little spun cotton trick or treaters..  this is circus bear with his little wool felt ball balloon with the striped string.
oh, i had fun making her.  now i just want to make the whole circus!
i'm drinking this.  Ibarra Mexican hot chocolate made with steamed milk, cinnamon, and a pinch of red pepper.  makes you think of that movie Chocolat doesn't it.

 heres felix the cats, kindof wonky...

Close-up of Zombie boy and his tiny teeth!

 skeleton boy has a tiny jack o lantern i made by painting a tiny millinery pumpkin on a wire.
i really like his hand dyed fringed collar and stripey pants.

i'm reading this, brand new from the fabric store.  plus it has an article with jess brown in it.

i'm sewing these ruffles.  can't stand how cool they turned out with the vintage grey thread.  they had big diagonal stripes to begin with, but after ruffling they look like this.

i'm listening to Pandora, the Gotye Radio mix and love this song...
oh well, back to it all on monday, but today it is just the perfect day!
happy fall,

Tuesday, October 9

winter white wedding wrist corsage and matching boutonniere for andrea...

 so i had a custom order this week for a wrist corsage to match the winter white and cranberry boutonniere in my shop.  how fun, i got out all my vintage ladies hats from the 1950's with winter white flowers and set up shop.  this hat had some strange ribbon leaves all around the brim.  i loved the starched cotton roses...

 since Andreas wedding is in the winter and i was also using some silver glass glittered pearl stamens i added a couple of these sparkling silver wire bouillon sprays, my absolute favorite new find for the holidays. 

these frosted cranberry stamen balls added the bit of color i needed.

here is the matching grooms boutonniere wrapped in silver ribbon.  the frosted tiny pinecones are so festive.
the back of the wrist corsage shows the pretty silver elastic band.
i am so pleased with how it turned out with the mix of vintage blossoms.  long after the wedding day the bride will have this pretty keepsake.  
congratulations andrea!

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