Saturday, June 24

mushroom land....

hello from mushroom land...
all these lovelies along with a fairy ring of pink mushrooms will be in the shop Monday.

 I have had so many custom orders for pink mushrooms that I ended up taking a break from mushroom making just to dye a new batch of pink silk velvet. 
somehow I got a hole in my glove and my hand turned PINK!  luckily it was mostly my pinky,
but what a pink pinky it was!
small price to pay as the velvets turned out gorgeous and now I have a great collection of gorgeous pinks to choose from although already I am feeling drawn to the colors of an autumn woodland~
copper, moss, saffron, grey, and teal.  can't wait to make some more darkest black ones again...
they are positively spooky!
here is some of the pink velvet I dyed~
see you in the shop on Monday,

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