Wednesday, August 6

silk velvet mushrooms~

so this is what i was doing all day yesterday...
making these gorgeous hand dyed silk velvet mushrooms~   ok, i have a whole jar of them now and i can't stop taking them out to feel the silk velvet caps.  i love the colors, how subtle and varied they each are.

each mushroom is completely unique. mushroom stems are wrapped in heavy Italian crepe paper with dried mossy tips. large mushrooms have crepe paper gills under the cap, the smaller mushrooms have full wrapped caps of silk velvet.

i just listed 2 sets in my etsy shop.  i may add an ornament string for hanging, what do you think?

here is the green set.  and a photo of a bunch of different colors and sizes.  i am already getting my holiday booth ready for the Fleattitude show in November.  these mushrooms will be hanging on some mint Christmas trees i ordered this week. 

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