Sunday, August 6

Redwood Forest

this is one of the pages i sent off to candice this week in our art journal exchange. i started the background when i was in a real art funk. i hated it and wanted to rip everything off and chuck it. (the nice thing about an altered book is you can tear out two pages and noone would care, or notice)
Art Lesson # 47 Don't Rip It Up Right Away, Let It Sit A Bit
so i closed the book and went on vacation.
when i came back i loved the background and only added my journaling and a few more bits of green.
the pirate illustration was already in the 1898 novel, it is so similar to the illustrations in the Edge Chronicles it is weird.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hope I get my book today!!! I sent yours on Thursday. This does not look like your in a funk.

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