Monday, December 14

winter frost holiday art market

this past weekend my art girlfriends and i got together for our first ever holiday art market. the snow outside added the perfect frosting to our winter creations. this poster was designed by our own senta plyer so fun to hang up around town. gals traveled from near and far bringing their handmade jewelry, hats, paintings, dolls, tiny paper mache figures, toffee, purses, and vintage decorations aplenty. it was magical.
of course, i was an excellent shopper. it is such a treat to buy something handmade especially when you know the artist.

my favorite thing from the things i made were these vintage wool wreaths made with all vintage supplies gathered from old christmas corsages, millinery hats, and christmas decoration boxes. i can't resist the desire to save an old vintage wool sweater or coat and give it a new life.

i sold some of my glass garland beads and my tiny bottle brush tree boxes. some glittery winter cones and stars, and these fun candy striped ornaments made with my ruffled crepe paper.

my two daughters both brought paintings, paper dolls, and little kitty ornaments to sell. a few of them are in my shop until they are gone. wishing you all the merriest of holidays, julie

hey look, lola ended up on the creative jar!

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