Thursday, March 11

artful thursdays #10....paper mache egg tutorial

this week candice and i put together our very first nesting kits for spring. all the lovely goodies to make your own paper mache eggs here in the art nest shop, just opened up today! other big news, we are working on a quarterly magazine, can't wait to show you how it is turning out... and the art nest summer retreat will be up next week.

i have always adored these paper mache eggs made in germany. one year i decorated a whole nest of them. this year i had the idea to cut out the back of one of the eggs to make a little window. then i found these little glittery white birds and my artful thursday project just flew together....

gather together a paper mache egg, tinsel for the nest, glittery bird, silver dresden paper scrap, ribbon, and a few millinery bits.

step #1. draw a window on the back of one half of your paper mache egg. cut out the window using an exacto blade.

step #2. use a finger nail file to smooth the edges of your window.

step #3. paint the outside of your egg with acrylic paint. i left the inside plain so the pretty pink floral pattern would show.

step #4. punch a hole in the top of your egg using a 1/8 inch punch.

step #5. glue a strip of dresden paper daisies or small trim around the edge of your egg.

step #6. glue some millinery stamens and a spun cotton mushroom to the bottom of the egg.

step #7. shape the tinsel into a nest and glue in place. glue in some flowers and a glittery bird.

step #8. thread a glass currant on a chenille stem through the hole in your egg and twist it into a curlicue.

step #9. tie some ribbon and stamens to chenille curlicue

hang your lovely little paper mache egg where the sunlight can shine through the back onto the little nest. see candice's egg she made today here. and a peek at the new nesting kits.

hope you all had a happy thursday, julie


candice Elton said...

spring nesting, i am amazed at the darling egg and especially love the currant on the top in a little curl. Artful Thursday number 10 I am so impressed.
Happy thursday or is it Friday already, anyway it has been a long day. Enjoy your Friday.

Margaret said...

Wonderful tutorial thank you! your blog is fast becoming a real fav of mine, I love the colours you use and you have such a great style! fab! Margaret

Tyggereye said...

Too cool. Love this. Bookmarking the page! :)

April said...

Lovely! Can't wait to hear more abput the mag-I have been thinkning about doing one a LOT lately...
Oh, I posted for AT too.

Kristal said...

I guess we all have Spring on our mind as my project was about eggs also.
Thanks for the sweet note you left the other day. I'm just so glad you started this wonderful event!

Parkside View said...

What a darling, chic chick! You amaze me.

Jingle said...

This is so fabulous! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

paperbird said...

I love it- where did you find the eggs- you always have the best stuff!

Tina said...

Wow - these are lovely. Thanks for the inspiration. I love the blue chikadee...thanks for the step by step...

have a great weekend. Feels like spring here in Cali...

if you have a chance stop by and see my rosette for this weeks artful thursday

Kika said...

Love this! I have to agree with do always have the best stuff. Sadly I missed Artful Thursday this week, will make a comeback next week ;)

Nicole Austin said...

simply sweet! i love the egg and the kits are wonderful!

Andrea said...

That is so cute Julie, I just bought some of those eggs and may have to try that! said...

I love this! What a gorgeous project for one of my favorite holidays. I'll be linking.

Kateyed said...

Those are so yummy. I had to go buy some things from you because I love your esthetic. Just wonderful!


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Anonymous said...

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The Single Nester said...

This is just absolutely gorgeous! Precious!

the mama monster said...

your blog is amazing. and i just saw that you are in utah! me too. where in the world are you finding all your lovely trims and stuff?

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