Thursday, March 18

artful thursdays #11.....stuffie bunny tutorial

i have had this idea for weeks, a sewn wool egg with vintage trim stripes and a little bunny tucked inside. this is what i had in mind from the beginning for artful thursdays, time for me every week to just make whatever i can imagine. it was so much fun making stuffie bunny and i can't wait to make a whole basket of them.
this darling vintage book got me started today. the the easter egg artists by adrienne adams. it was published in 1976 by weekly reader books, one of my favorite children's publishers from my childhood.
i started with a bit of wool and polka dot tricot from a vintage lounge suit (i actually tried it on, comfy but hideous...), little ric rac and trims, stuffing, and some embroidery threads.

step #1. sketch the size of egg you would like on a piece of paper and cut out 2 patterns. mine is 4 1/2 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches wide. draw a simple bunny shape inside one egg so you know he will fit.

step #2. pin the pattern to your tricot or other non-fraying soft material and stitch along your pattern lines leaving a small opening for stuffing. i like to sew first and then cut out the bunny as this keeps the fabrics from sliding and i can cut really close to the stitching.

step #3. carefully tear off the paper pattern. the stitching perforates the paper and it comes right off.

step #4. stuff your bunny using a chopstick to get the stuffing up in the ears and sew the opening closed.

step #5. embroider a the eyes and nose using a satin stitch. sew the little mouth with a back stitch. i anchored the whisker threads with one back stitch and left the ends long then trimmed them to length.

step #6. now to make the wool egg. cut out one full egg out of wool using your original egg pattern. cut the paper pattern in half with a big zig zag for a cracked half egg and cut out of wool. stitch along the cracked edge of your egg.

step #7. select a few trims you like and line them up in stripes on the half egg. stitch them in place letting the trim ends hang over the sides of the egg.

step #8. pin the cracked egg to the full egg back and stitch all around the full egg. cut off the trim ends.

now all you have to do is tuck your stuffie bunny in your egg with a little paper grass and a baby chick to keep him company. a few tiny treats would fit in the bottom of the egg for a sweet surprise. enjoy, julie


miss lynn said...

i love your
stuffie bunny!
what a fun
wait to get
hope all is

Ingenuity On Display said...

Absolutely adorable and so well done!!

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

This is just so cute! Great project and great tutorial. Thank you for sharing!

- Michele

Jingle said...

OH, I just LOVE this egg and that bunny is so adorable!!! What a fantastic project!

Tina said...

Julie - this is amazing. I made something similar except no opening and am waiting until the week before Easter to share. These are fun - I make something like this for Halloween too.

Love all your trims and goodies.

My artful Thursday project will be up this morning..

Have a great weekend.
pretty paper posies

Nicole Austin said...

so so sweet! i love this little bunny and egg! i love artful thursdays! :)

Kika said...

What a sweet little project. These will make perfect little gifts for my neighbors kids. I might add a foil wrapped chocolate treat in the pocket as well ;) Thanks for sharing!

RACHELLE said...

That is just adorable!

You make it seem so simple that for a second...i am pretty sure that i can make on too....(but just for a second) cuz then reallity comes in to play and well...i cant sew. :)

but you keep me dreaming!


Unknown said...

Very sweet, Julie! I just did a how-to on my blog for daffodils, stop over!

the mama monster said...

what a cute, darling little bunny and egg.

Kristal said...

Oh me, oh my, Julie, this is adorable! Just makes me wantna' run to my sewing machine and play!!! I like it, I like it A LOT!!!

Have a great weekend


Pam Aries said...

Okay..that is adorable! CUTE..!

Andrea said...

So cute Julie, you are just so creative!

scrapsofthepast said...

This is judt too cute...I live for your Artful Thursday offerings!

Lisa Russell said...

This is adorable! My Easter Themed Artful Thursday does not compare. ;-) I love the color of the wool and picot, but would have LOVED to have seen a picture of you actually in the suit! lol This is SO lovely, and thanks so much for sharing!

Jenn said...

How sweet!

Jeanne said...

Julie -
This artful Thursday project is so sweet. I love those bunnies and the egg pocket. What a great way to use up scraps of fabric and trims. Thanks!

Nina said...

I love it! So cute!

paperbird said...

this really is a sweet spring project. I love your sweet vintage shower curtain ruffle!

Kateyed said...

So very sweet, Julie. You just don't stop with the charming ideas! I love the textures of the wool and old tulle. And the bunny inside is too cute!

I think I remember that book!

Have a lovely day!

yoborobo said...

Hi Julie! I came over here from Sally's blog. This is the cutest idea in the world. :) A great tutorial! Pam

BadPenny said...

this is just totally adorable !

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

100% adorable, Julie! Something for me to try next near, definitely.

Karen J. said...

Awesome project!

chrissy said...

...this is so sweet. thank you so much for sharing the easter-y goodness!

alicia king said...

so cute! i'm going to make this!

Unknown said...

So cute, thank you for making this easy to make! Love it!

Vermimi said...

Hello from France !
Your Easter bunny is so cute !!!!

I will try to make one like yours for an Easter gift... but without a sewing machine !

Lots of thanks for this tutorial !!!
Have a nice day

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