Thursday, January 4

wool felt gifty

i am sending off a gifty to my cool sister-in-law today! i sat down to make something for her out of my box of dyed and recycled wool pieces and just finished it. i love how the different flowers turned out. the red is the best red i have ever found. it used to be a ladies coat from the 50's. very styling big buttons and large lapel. the tiny yo-yo is made from a vintage piece of fabric that has been waiting for me. . . the beads are the smallest i have ever sewn with and i was so happy to find a size 13 beading needle by clover that works beautifully. i am also sending on some of the amazing clover brand glass head pins from japan, my favorite!


Marina Collings Whiting said...

oooooo! pretty!!
i love felt i love felt~!
i love my mom i love my mom~!

Anonymous said...

I keep coming back to this. It's so lovely! How do you get such perfect shapes on your felt flowers? Is it free hand or some type of punch? The colors are superb too. xo

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