Tuesday, January 16

birthday fairy

the birthday fairy is officially stopping by here to wish my sister kris the happiest of days! i am hoping you made it to your cabin retreat and celebrated both of your birthdays with a bit of chocolate vegan cake covered in festive candles.
a package is on its way, but i won't post a picture just in case you are looking before you get it!

the big flower on the left is quite the yummy flower i found at my fav antique store, a piece of grannys wallpaper is the background (still in her house also), the card i bought from misty mawn
and the tiny box has a surprise in it for the birthday girl! now you are intrigued.

the birthday fairy is the first of my attempts to remake the little vintage cotton figures that were orriginally made as christmas ornaments. i have sent away for some fiber samples to see if i can match the little ball of fluff i found at a vintage store. i love the color and the loft. i am also using vintage cotton pipe cleaners for the arms and legs.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful fairy! Can't wait to see more. And that soft beautiful perfect blue flower, yum!

Anonymous said...

Adorable Julie!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I am loving your fairy to bits!! So so sweet!! Are you familiar with Cody Foster's collection? He reproduces the cotton batting figures among many other fabulous collectibles of the past!

And oh my your little package is so so lovely! If the gift is anything nearly as sweet as the wrapping...oohhh

Your blossom is an incredible find!! Gorgeous!!

Thanks so much for the eye candy!!

Happy blogging!
xoxo Jenny

Anonymous said...


I absolutely loved the birthday package!! The necklace is lovely and delicate. It feels light around your neck. It took me a while to recognize grandma's wallpaper. It's funny what emotions color and pattern can evoke. I was suddenly sitting knee deep in blue shag and staring at the coral and shells on the coffee table from this far away place called 'florida'.
I will send you a long e-mail telling you all about our trip. Suffice it now to say that the color of the water and grass exactly matched your package.

much love,


Anonymous said...

The fairy is magical, the attention to detail can't be described here. too bad pictures can't be 3-D

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