Saturday, January 13

meet the ickles

the boxes of fabrics i have saved for years are flying open and i am sewing everything lately.
i guess during my sewing-quilting phase i burned myself out on fabric, and now here i am again. full circle back to sitching again. i made myself a little pincushion, a tiny zipper purse, then i started making little stuffies based on sketches by marina and olivia. meet the ickles.
first was ik, then lil, and last . . .mim for liv. ik has a bit of a house with a view, lil sleeps in a hello kitty bandaid box, and mim has been roaming around the house. luckily she has a bell.


Anonymous said...

Love them all! One so sweet peeking thru the little box. And love the kitty one--I have (and love) that fabric.

spyderette said...

these are so fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the ickles! I think the ugly things are much more beautiful sometimes than the beautiful things. They remind me of those little stuffed things. (I forgot their know Marina has one)
Perhaps you could commission Matt to build tiny little closets for them to lurke in. (with squeaky doors)

Anonymous said...

I love this little guy, so cute! Keep making more ickles!

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