Wednesday, August 1

Holiday Art Nest goes live today!

for everyone that has been waiting for us to post the teachers and classes for the Holiday Art Nest it is up on the website today! you can view the classes and check out the teacher links then registration will open august 6th at 12:00 noon MST.

i am so excited to gather for a whole weekend in a wintery cabin and create these gorgeous vintage gifts with friends. i am imagining a lovely tree, the fireplace glowing, bowls of homemade holiday treats, fresh warm bread, piles of snow, baskets filled with slippers and mittens, and laughter. oh i just can't wait!!

i am teaching a vintage glitter village class where we will be taking an old cardboard house and redecorating it. the before and after shots are hilarious. it is so fun to take an old rumpled house with broken cellophane windows and sorely sagging decorations and spruce it up all sparkling for the holidays! my tiny person keeps arranging the houses in a little village and playing christmas with them.

candice elton has planned a class called the nostalgic book of days. a wonderous paper and paint project that combines vintage holiday images and a well worn book to record your thoughts of your traditions and wonderful memories of the holidays. i felt a little breathless after looking through her book last week and i just can't wait to start my own in a tall red book i found called the story of the other wise man, c1896.

sherri haab is teaching a fabulous class from one of her best selling books making silver metal clay charms with stones. she has a great collection of vintage buttons and molds that we will use to make the charms, then we will be firing the silver and sherri will teach us how to finish the charms and add them to a necklace or bracelet.

cerri campbell from tennesee is coming out to teach her holiday bird nest and christmas under glass. she will be bringing a collection of wonderful vintage things from her etsy store to sell at our holiday shop, can you just imagine?
i hope you can join me at our holiday nest this november, julie


The Paris Apartment said...

love your blog and glad to have found you! That little christmas house looks brand new with your TLC!

Anonymous said...

UGG - Utah!!
Will never make it
Please post a tutorial of some sort some day!!

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