Thursday, July 26

pages for kari, and home again

my spring secrets book is home again! this has been my first round robin and what a great experience.
it was small only five of us and we only sent books around for a little over two months so over before i knew it.
it is so amazing to have these lovely pieces of art from friends in my book. such talented artists, i can't wait to meet them all someday. . .

these are the pages i sent of for kari's book and then the ones that came home in my book.
the little garden of flowers is adorable.

by kari
by lilia
by melissa
by cassondra

check these blogs and sites for more photos of this cool project. melissa, melissa's little yellow book for cassondra, kari, lilia, cassondra hasn't posted her photos yet but check out her latest two books!
we are announcing the november Artnest retreat in a week so i am taking photos today for our website and getting all the details together. it looks like christmas again in my studio!


Dawn said...

Lovely treasures...

Kari said...

I absolutely adore the pages you did in my book, Julie. Thank you so much for sharing your art and creativity. So fun to see your book complete. That flower garden where everyone signed in turned out absolutely delightful! Hope to collaborate with you again soon:)

Beehive Art Salon said...

Julie, you have to bring that book to our next art night (you know, the one with just you and I there!) so I can see those beautiful pages close up!

Unknown said...

Would love to do a collaboration with you. I'm thinking you do your thing and leave me some space (large or small) that is framed in and I'll do mine.

Would it help if I double dog dared you? :)

I'll be back to Utah next week and Candace is there now. We would love to see you and M. Maybe at Borders...

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