Saturday, September 30

i really want a party

i found these cool halloween tally cards at my fav antique store. there are six of them in the pack, two of each design. of course i am wanting to make invites for a halloween themed art night for all my artgirl friends. i have great plans for this art group that meets quarterly. a whole evening of art. show and tell of the amazing things we are working on, great things we have found, little trades for everyone, tasty things to eat. . .of course dark chocolate, and the time to talk about everything with each other. we would stay up late into the night creating, laughing, and then finally packing up and driving home feeling alive again.
i tried two times this last year to get something really going. it is hard, everyone is so busy. i'm not sure what to try next. . .hey gals, i really want a party!!

1 comment:

kelly rae said...

hi julie! i found your blog and your flickr page. it was great meeting you at art & soul and chatting over lunch!

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