Sunday, March 18

tiny fabric chicks tutorial....just in time for spring

this darling little chick tutorial is just in time for spring. make a whole little nest from just a few scraps of fabric and a bit of stuffing.

my little chicks are featured on the cover of this new book that came in the mail this week! make me i'm yours...just for fun has 20 little handmade projects inside including my little ipod sweater. both of my projects are from my book pretty little felts. this collaborative project was put together by northlight. love the little size only 7 inches square.

you will need:
cotton fabric scraps, wool felt scraps, black beads for eyes, embroidery floss, stuffing, and any little ribbons or accessories.

step 1.
click on the pattern image and print the pattern. i'm trying something new here, including the pattern right in my post. would love to know if it works for everyone. the chick pattern should be just over 3 inches tall.
cut out cotton and felt pieces. i like to trace the pattern on the wrong side of the cotton fabric and sew right along my lines.

step 2. sew the wings together using s short stitch length. turn the wings right side out and stuff. pin the wing pieces to the body as shown and lay the other body piece on top, pin together.

step 3. sew around the body leaving an opening at the bottom as shown on the pattern.

step 4. turn the body right side out and stuff. sew the opening closed with a needle and thread.

step 5. cut out the felt pieces for the eyes, beak and feet and pin in place until you get the expression you like. sew the eyes, beak and feet in place by hand using one strand of matching embroidery floss and a blanket stitch.

step 6. using a thin needle and strong thread sew tiny black beads on the eyes. finish by adding a tiny ribbon bow or rosebud if you like.

here are some other ideas for inspiration...
a little owlet

and mim the cat designed by my daughter.

hope you all have fun making your little cheepers. send me a photo of your little chicks and i will include it with this post with your link for more ideas.
happy spring day....


Carol said...

These are just so darn cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I love them they are so cute!!

Threads of Inspiration said...

I am always so inspired by your blog Julie! These are darling. Happy Easter!

Jenny said...

These are adorable and seem perfect for me - a fledgling seamstress. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

OMG Julie - too too cute - love them - sewing is next on my list!

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