Friday, December 3

artful thursdays #27....bottle brush wreath make-over tutorial

it is time to start december with a tutorial for the holidays i decided today...i love finding ways to make-over new items to look like vintage. my artful thursday tutorial for today will take a nasty little bottle brush wreath ornament and turn it into something lovely you will want to use....
i tied mine on this little ruffled wool stocking for a sweet holiday treat.

here is your supply list: gather together a little wreath (tacky and new is best), some tinsel, stamens, mica, narrow ribbon for a bow, and some tacky glue.

start with a package of those dark green bottle brush wreaths at the dollar store and get busy. here is a before and after shot just so you know where we are going. work with me here people.

step 1. it gets ugly, rip off the ratty red bow and the gold string hanger. they might be glued on with a big gob of industrial hot glue. try to pull this off and leave your little wreath intact.

step 2. lightly spray paint the little thing with some off-white or cream spray paint. just dust it a bit with little quick sprays. you just want to give it a bit of a frosty feeling without turning it all white.

step 3. if you are tying your wreath on to a stocking or using it as an ornament, attach the little string now. glue it in place using a bit of tacky glue. glue on a little nest of tinsel and a tiny bow.

step 4. add some tiny berries. i like to use little stamens cut apart. glue these in your wreath with tacky glue. i use tweezers for the tiny stamens, depending on the size of your wreath use some little red berries that will work. i have two sizes of stamens in my shop right now if you are having a time finding some small enough.

step 5. dust the top with mica. i spread the glue over the surface of the bottle bush bristles with my finger and then shake on the mica to coat it well.

thats you have the cutest ever tiny wreath to hang for the holidays. this one measures 1-1/2 inches across!

for those of you that are really adventurous, check out these darling dyed bottle brush trees by karla nathan
i haven't tried to dye them yet, but that is next on my list.

lots of the vintage bottle brush wreaths had tiny mercury glass beads on them and little candles or fruits. this pink wreathis a classic.

here are a couple more bottle brush wreath make overs to give you some more ideas. this little fat flocked wreath was very bare when i found it. i added some laquered holly leaves, a vintage tinsel ribbon off the spool, and a few mercury glass beads.

these one just needed a glittered bell.

and this one was just perfect as is. i love the little millinery flowers and the mercury glass candle. funny how many of the little red bows look a little orange after 50+ years.

enjoy, julie


Unknown said...

I love what you did with the wreaths. I'm planning on bleaching my first brush bottles this weekend. so exciting!

Stephanie said...

Those are the sweetest little things! I love how they get that vintage feel to them when you're done with them. You never cease to inspire!

Joni R. said...

Love this tutorial Julie! Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

miss lynn said...

julie, i
just love
your style.
thanks for
the inspiration
and how to!
enjoy this
happy to you!

KarenB said...

I love it when you post! Thanks for the instructions.

Nicole Austin said...

oh, so pretty! thank you for the tutorial. i have a few wreaths from last year that could use a little fixing up! :)

Robin Thomas said...

Such a dear little project. Thank you.

Becky J. said...

those are delightful! thanks for showing how to get it done.

Jingle said...

These look so fabulous!!! said...

That is so darling! I love how tiny and cute it is! I'll be linking.

Lisa Super said...

Great transformation and your delivery made me giggle!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

adorable!! looks soo cute!! hugs!! Britt :-)

Carrie P. said...

Oh, cute. thanks for sharing the tutorial. I am going to see if I can find some of those wreathes.

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