Thursday, April 22

artful thursdays kitty paper doll tutorial

today we are exchanging paper dolls at my art group. i finally got an idea last night of what i wanted to do. i was looking through my 2008 day book at some sketches and paintings i did and found this little kitty...

i like how the little painting turned out on ledger paper so i used the same idea for my paper doll.
gather together a few supplies: nice, smooth paper that you can water color on, pencil, eraser, permanent pen, watercolors, brushes, goache, scissors, tracing paper.

step #1. sketch out a figure in pencil. draw over the lines with a permanent pen. when the ink is dry erase any pencil marks.

step #2. paint your figure using acrylic, watercolor, or guache paint. let dry.

step #3. lay a piece of tracing paper over your figure and sketch out little clothes and hats to fit. i draw simple outlines and decorate later.

step #4. turn the tracing paper over and lay it down on your decorative paper or painting paper. trace over your pencil lines. this will 'transfer' your design onto another paper.
step #5. for the little pink dress i inked the lines with a permanent pen, then erased the pencil lines.

step #6. cut out the dress and decorate with little trims and glitter. the little green and blue party outfit was painted with water color and has a crepe paper sash and a flower cut from a silk petals. i also made a little cake and a mouse balloon for party kitty to play with.

step #7. when all your pieces are cut out and decorated, glue them down to a paper base and color copy.

here are a few of my favorite paper doll artists:

alice in wonderland and the queen of hearts by marina.

these darling halloween costumes by danita.

perhaps you will make a paper doll of your own, or start your own collection of tiny dolls. enjoy, julie


Janet Ghio said...

Party kitty is really darling and I love her mouse balloon!

tamdoll said...

Your projects just get better and better! This is really great, love all of your talents.

Stephanie said...

Party Kitty is too adorable! I used to love making paper dolls and paper closets full of paper clothes. What fun to try it again!

Nicole Austin said...

these paper dolls are so sweet! i used to love to play with them when i was little. i see another nostalgic project in my near future. :)

Kristal said...

Super Cute Party Kitty, that should be her name! Adorable!

Jillayne said...

What a neat idea - I have never seen dolls like this. Tour Art Group must be very inspiring for all of you!

Kika said...

How cute and always have such great and inspiring ideas! Thanks.

Jessica Rodarte said...

Sweet! I love this idea!

Valarie said...

Oh Julie what fun! Thanks for sharing. Must go make paper dolls.

paperbird said...

I love her Julie- she is so sweet. Please sell them in your etsy shop so I can buy some for my little munchkins!

miss lynn said...

i cannot get
over how
totally insanely
cute these things
are! julie, i am
a fan!

candice Elton said...

these are even cuter all dressed up and ready to play. so darling.

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