Thursday, September 25

haunted and mysterious. . .

it all began with a wonderful old encyclopedia. 'M' is for Mysterious

i have been plotting for over a year now a book exchange to document all things haunted and mysterious. well, it has finally begun. our books have been mailed out and i am starting to see a few peeks out there. melissa posted today about her book and you can see marilyn's here. still waiting to see where candice and cassondra will post.

for a project i have been mulling around for months you would think i wouldn't have any trouble pulling it off. however, i have had the rockiest beginning ever. at one point i emailed the group and admitted the agony of defeat.
after staying up till 3:30am one night working on my book and then ripping it all apart i finally started over. what started out as a serious exploration of the mysterious has turned into a playful romp into the haunted past.

I have been cleaning up the disaster in my studio today. I had suitcases with all their contents strewn around, teetering piles of things, and bins spilling open as I have been digging. . . .
a neighbor girl wandered in yesterday and said 'how come this is such a mess?'
'because I make messes' I told her. especially when I am working on a deadline.

the cover is from an old encyclopedia with a raised design on the front that reminded me of symbols and signs. i really like the flocked wallpapers i used as endpapers and i only sewed in the page signatures so it would be easy to remove, but i already sent my book off to cassondra, what should i do?? i am wishy-washing drastically on this one.
here are two pages from the serious book that i ripped out. they don't seem to fit any longer but i still like them.
she is titled 'creature of the night' i didn't finish her background.

here is a peek at all the wonderful goodies that came in the mail last week to get us thinking about the realm of the haunted and mysterious. this first goodie bundle is from marilyn. that face really freaked me out, i had to use it on the sugared skeleton!

here is the fun collection of black and white things from cassondra. she printed the old cabinet card photo faces onto silk.

melissa created such a fun package of patterned papers and wrapped it all up in the greatest striped tissue.

candice tied this great black skeleton man on her package. i ate the licorice caramel she tucked in first thing!

Until Later. . . . keep your eyes open for black cats and ghosties, julie



Penelope said...

Ooooh, I love 'such is the purpose'! Great textures and colours, and the use of wax. (is it wax?) Very beautiful at any rate.

I had a neighbour girl come over the other day (her mum is friends with my housemate) she was having a tour of the house and upon seeing my room exclaimed 'wow what a mess!' And I said 'that's my natural way!'

Cindy Dean said...

Looks like fun! Looking forward to seeing you at Art & Soul Julie.

the author said...

Wow! It's all so... mysteriously beautiful!

Jenn said...


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you that I ordered your book from Amazon, got it this past Monday, and it is absolutely beautiful!! I can't wait to get started on the projects, the zipper pouches are so cute. Thanks for sharing your talent!


Gina M Smith said...

Julie-so glad I got to meet you! I love your style-thanks for signing my book. I blogged about you. Who were the other girls? I know Deb-I liked them all, but having trouble keeping names straight. So glad we all had lunch together. I'll have to do ArtNest sometime.

Lydia Fiedler said...

Oh my word! Love it!!

Found your blog from Somerset Life. Since mine is "Understand Blue" yours had a natural appeal to me! :)

Your art is lovely.


Karin said...

Hi Julie....I just wanted to get your OK to use the pictures of your journal from sommerset life in my blog.....I have love that journal since I saw it on flickr. I would do all the link backs and credites to you.....Thanks! Karin@

Karin said...

seriously, I can spell....unfortunately, I didn't check my post before I hit publish!

Kristen Robinson said...

DIVINE!!!! What a wonderful round robin - love the pages and the goodies.

peata said...

what a great little treasure trove of goodies.

Beehive Art Salon said...

Julie this book is so cool!! You are amazing...I just saw all your many articles in Somerset today and loved them all..thanks for calling yesterday. You made my day.

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