Saturday, May 10

mothers and daughters

me and hannah four days old.

in celebration of five generations of mothers and daughters in my family. here are my three daughters. i never imagined how much they would capture my heart. it is a bittersweet year for me as a mother. my oldest is graduating and moving on to the next place in her life. she is ready to be on her own now and her life outside the nest is pulling at her. though i don't know what we will do without her. then my youngest will be starting first grade next year and for the first time in ten years i won't have one of my own children in my class.




here are three generations of women who have shaped my life. my mother joan

grandma eloise with olivia on her blessing day

elosie my grandmother
frances, my great-grandmother who i never met, but must have been a beautiful soul to have raised my grandmother to be who she is.

olivia's picture and poem, mom her hair is softer than a hens feather.
i love you all xo mom


Jessi Nagy said...

so sweet.
what a beautiful family of girls!!
happy mothers day!

Sugar Bear said...

That top portrait of you is just stunning. What a beautiful set of women!

Kari said...

Lovely photos, Julie and such a heartfelt post. Love it!
Happy Mother's Day!

Beehive Art Salon said...

I see who you get your wonder woman hair from! What a sweet note... can't wait to see you again this week:)

Michele said...

Such sweet eyes on your great-grandmother, Frances. Filled, it looks to me, with all the wonder of what life could hold. It's a true miracle that though you never met her, her life was "handed down" through her daughter.

kecia deveney said...

Happy Mother's Day. what beautiful pics of all the kids, but especially Marina! she's going to be a beauty. that drawing is the most precious thing i've seen (especially since it's about your beautiful hair!) thanks for sharing all the pictures.

Helen Harrop said...

that really is the sweetest post - the portraits are stunning but that drawing cracks me up - you should get it printed onto a t-shirt or a throw :-)

Maija said...

Each of you- so beautiful!!

candice Elton said...

i get back from the caribbean sea and find this beautiful post. Happy mothers day a week late to a mother who knows the gift of a woman's heart. And to all the beauties that came before.
to be so blessed with three daughters.......................

Anonymous said...

how beautiful pidtures!!Love the photo from you and your daughter,the first one.
All other photos are really beautiful too!!

Sherry Goodloe said...

I just LOVE old photos don't you? What a beautiful family Julie. You are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

So charming!! :)

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