Monday, November 12

at the corner of happiness and frolic

you might not have believed that there was such a place if i had not taken a picture. it is just down the road from f & w publishing. this past week i was in cincinnati taking the step by step photographs for my book.
jessica and christine took such great care of me this week, it was really wonderful. i just loved working with both of them. here we are outside this wonderful old barn i found out running one morning. the three of us came back after lunch at the brown dog to take my author photo.

we took some fun shots durning the week at the photo studio. here is my editor jessica learning how to felt a bead

christine photographed all the step-by-step shots but she let me take this picture of her with the yummy spinach and bacon souffles from panera we had one morning.

each night after shooting at the studio i returned to this view. the fall leaves were gorgeous and this lovely white bed so very inviting.

i tried so hard to keep my nails polished and looking nice for the close-up shots. then one night as i was dying some felt swatches for a layout a package of blue dye burst all over my thumb and turned it bright blue! what do i do with a blue thumb? luckily christine fixed it for me.

i brought a big stack of books back to the hotel each night to look through. i spent hours pouring over corey moortgat's new book and i adored looking through the gorgeous images in the new amy butler midwest designs book with this gorgeous image her husband took of her fabulous necklace!

so now i am home again. still have stuff in suitcases and shopping bags, but i had so much fun today sitting down in my studio surfing my favorite blogs and checking out all the flickr photos i have missed. i think i have finally answered all my emails and have done enough laundry to get me through the weekend so time to relax. i have a whole week off for thanksgiving, i can't wait. . .


Kari said...

Hi Julie,
What fun pics and a grand adventure you had. Wow!! It was so fun to meet you at Silver Bella and hear all about your book. It's going to be fabulous!! Loved getting to know you and hanging out. You are such a creative, inspiring person. HUGS!

Anonymous said...

WHEW! What a whirlwind, glad to see you had a great time and I can not WAIT to see your book when it comes out!!!!!

candice Elton said...

On the corner of Happiness and Frolic, what an amazing photo. I love the shot of you and your new friends by the barn. Wherever you go you spread happiness.......even in far away places.

marta said...

lovely things. am glad to bump into your blog. happy thanksgiving.

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