Saturday, May 19

May has all the sweetest flowers

may is always like this, a rollercoaster ride that just keeps picking up speed right up to the last day. then i find myself at the end of the ride just sitting there in the car after the metal restraint has lifted wondering what to do next.
i only have two teaching days left of school so i have been checking things off one by one. last night to celebrate the end of a huge week i stayed up late cutting and gluing. wonderful. i can't wait to spend some time out in the garden. the late lilacs are blooming and my rose bushes are fairly bursting with buds.

for lilia here are my thinking blogger nominations. easy since they are all links on the side of my blog.
nina's blog is the first one i started to read after taking a class with her. she is connected to nature, has a warm heart, and writes about real feelings. her art work is always stunning. kari has such a fun blog. she is happily creating there in minnesota every day. i can always find a new post when i stop by. i am hoping to actually catch one of her etsy items before they sell out! charlotte's blog i just came accross a bit ago and then i connected her to her beautiful books. i adore her style. how fun to find her blog! the sweetest mohair teddy bears on the planet. i could stop by to visit misty's blog just for her lovely art, but she also writes about balancing life and trusting yourself. i can't wait for her to come to the artnest. jenny's blog is as sweet as she is. always a dose of cupcakes, aprons, and vintage yumminess. and she likes the same pale blue i do. melissa has a fabulous color sense and creates wonderful collages. her blog is daily dose of creative inspiration for me. she does such an amazing job putting together swaps and the erraticus zine.

time to frost the cake for the birthday party. there will be nine thirteen year old girls running around in just a few hours from now. . .


MarilynH said...

Hi Julie :) Is this the book you brought Thursday night? Love this so much!!!

Anonymous said...

oohhh.. aaahhh.. that little book looks familiar!

yippie! could it be.. is it... MINE?!?

(and thank you for the sweet comments on my blog!)

molly jean said...

I love your blog and your fabric books. The art night sounds fun and fun get together usually or at least often involves food!

Do guys meet to watch a game together and not eat???

charlotte said...

thanks so much for the mention here! how unexpected and nice!....but I was all set to comment first on the May flowers ---ooooo-sooo lovely!

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