Sunday, April 8

easter chicks

i have chicks on the brain.

every year i bring home a little batch of chicks to raise, then when they are jumping out of their box we send them to live at the farm.
chicks do not like their pictures taken. peep, peep, where are the other chicks? i finally set him in this little rasberry basket so he would hold still for a minute. i found a whole stack of these vintage berry baskets at a yard sale last week.

these chicks were at borders for 2.99 for the dozen. so very cute and tiny.

i stuck one in stacies basket. a little thank you for saving the day on monday. the pink bunny looks a bit demented.

after the big princess party livi fell asleep on the couch with her crown still on. she looks like an angel when she is sleeping.

my favorite find yesterday for 50 cents was this carved book box from italy. the cover is wired on and opens to an opening just waiting for a handmade book.


Anonymous said...

Your pics didn't come through on my screen. I want to see those chicks!!!!!!

Tricia said...

what a lovely blog you have!!!! i loved the pic of your sleeping daughter. i, too, have an olivia that i call livi. :)

Anonymous said...

Finally I see the chicks they are so cute....everything you post is eye candy.

kristin said...

oh!! what a sweet, sweet face!!

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