Tuesday, September 26

vintage speedball

i found this vintage speedball carving set at a yard sale last summer and have had such fun with it. i started a black eye page in my little black book and needed a great big eye for my design, so i carved one! as i was surfing around on flickr at some of the groups for hand carved stamps i found these carved stamps by carambatack . (someone let me know if the link works, i'm a beginner!)

she is from norway and has posted such beautiful pictures of her homeland and her art. i really like how she created a background and details for her overall designs.

it is such a perfect day. i can't decide what to do first. i made yummy french toast with fresh strawberries for breakfast and treated myself to a lovely half hour of surfing other peoples art. lovely. i think baby girl and i will have a long soaky bath.


spyderette said...

nope, sorry, the link didn't work! also, i couldn't see your text, until i highlighted the blank space...it was the same color as the background! i love your hand-carved stamps...especially the tree one! i am still trying to psych myself up to start a book! also, i hope to finish batgirl's surprise today. i gotta say...i want to keep it!

Batgirl said...

wow! those are like awesome stamps!

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