Saturday, September 23

black magic

And deadlier, curse more dread. . .
a new page from my little black altered book. fitting for halloween don't you think.
the book is an old copy of scott's lady of the lake. it is only 3 3/4" X 5 3/4" so it is little and fun to work in. it has a publishing date of 1920.
the full spread

i'll have to keep the left side with only black ink drawings and text as i used modge podge over the black paint and cutouts. don't want the pages to stick together. done that.
the cool photo came from a net friend i met on flickr that i did a trade with this summer. she sent me some of her favorite black and white vintage photos from her collection scanned to a disc and i had them printed. i want to try copying them on vintage papers to see how they turn out.

every page has a black theme:
black eye, black spot, blackbeard, black look, black and blue, pitch black, black mail, black cat, black hole, little black dress, black sheep, black-hearted, black and white. . .
send me your blackest ideas. thanks


Candice Elton said...

all i can say is Wow!!! this is the coolest black book. you have to keep going on this one.
black...........beards Ghost thats all I can think off for now.

Batgirl said...

blackstache, blackened meat, black lie? i dont know, that is a hard one. i love the eye page tho. it is beautiful.

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