Monday, September 18

first snow

saturday morning
the first snow of the year. the air was unbeleivable, sharp and clean. the views of the fall leaves at each bend in the road were breathtaking. i rode my regular ride up the hobble creek canyon trail as fast as i could and then without even changing out of my biking shoes i raced back up the canyon in the car with my camera hoping to catch a moment of the fall sun breaking through the clouds long enough for me to capture its radiance on the fall leaves.
this stretch of trees is at the base of the mountains where our family has a cabin. the view over the groomed green of the golf course is one of my favorites in the fall. you can just see the dusting of the first snow on the top of the mountain.
every year i watch the snow line as it creeps down the mountain, finally washing over our house and traveling out into the valley leaving everything outlined in white.

the mornings are dark now and the sky is filled with stars while frost sweeps over the soccer fields behind our house. then the sun will shine its remarkable golden light in the late afternoon for just a few more days, lingering, to remind me of our summer.


Anonymous said...

I want to be in that photo riding up the canyon. There is nothing like fall in hobble Creek. Keep Bloggin I love your posts.

spyderette said...

i miss springville! so beautiful!

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