Thursday, September 21

my family

i went to bed with a sore throat last night. i guess i finally got what everyone else has had. of course now i am much more sympathetic. i have drunk cocoa, cider and downed a couple halls honey and lemon throat drops. still feel yuck. i'm glad it is overcast and dismal outside. it feels good to move slow today.
i have not sat down with my ideas to create anything for so long. it makes me sad.
today i am letting the dishes go so i can work in my kids journals. i save little things they have drawn or notes of what they have said to glue inside. i am feeling rather melancholy lately about my 4 year old growing up so fast. when she takes my hand and whispers something to me or i hear her talking to the kitten while they are playing and peek in to see what she has built for kittens house i feel like this time is slipping away from me. she is the last little one to trace her hand on a little placemat for lunch or crawl in bed with me dragging a ratty worn out blankie and a pile of books we have read over and over to snuggle tight in against me.
kissahug dad, she says before he leaves in the morning and then squeezes her little arms around his neck to give him a good-bye kiss. muffin sits downstairs in my office with me when i work during the day. she drags a little table and chair in and loads it with paper and paints and all things to create with. i had saved this picture she made of our whole family to go in her journal. she loved picking out the fabric and ribbon to go with it and watched carefully as i sewed her picture around and around with yellow thread. we both love it! scarry how accurate some of the features are on all of us. xo. . . . .

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candice Elton said...

that is the cutest little drawing. i can't think of anything so wonderful as a sweet mom helping little hands create. You have done that for so many little hands. Are you feeling the vibe to make something? or just too thrashed to care?

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