Thursday, September 28

turn away thine eye

i ran over my neighbors cat last night. the shock and anguish. i was helpless there in the road as the cat writhed in pain with its thick red blood pooling on the black asphalt. my daughter looked out the back window of the car and screamed, then covered her face. "turn away thine eye from deaths last struggle"
the woman was so kind to me, her little children had tears streaking down their cheeks as they came to the door. i am so sorry i said over and over. the man lifted the small cat carefully into a box and closed the lid.

i am tired of black now.

1 comment:

candice Elton said...

this is sad. i hated when i ran over my cat. It was traumatic for days. You inspired me to do a black and white page. i love the little drawings around the page.

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