Friday, June 29

a little bit of magic

thank you diana for this wonderful picture of you, misty, and sally jean taken at dear lizzies friday night at the trunk show.
everything looks like it is dusted with a little bit of magic.
friday began with sally jean's class the gothic pendant. here is laurie set up with her gorgeous soldering tray. it looks like she might be ready to take a bite. i got to sit by laurie each day. it was so wonderful to see the art just spill out of her. you have such a kind and beautiful heart. i think we were the only ones to stay out in the hot tub and watch the stars.

soldering was a challenge the first time around.
sally jean makes it look so easy. . .

the first half of the day we worked on our collage papers. sally jean brought her collage book that she works in, so unbelievable. i loved looking through her pages.
i walked around the class several times just to see what everyone was making. each person was adding bits of their own lives to their necklaces. i added a little piece of an old map of the irish sea. it is a dream of mine to go there and see where my great grandfather, a priest, met his sweet heart an irish gypsy and fell in love.

this is a bracelet sally jean brought to show us some soldering examples. check out the marble!
i stayed up friday night until 3:30am with deb and amanda trying to figure out how to solder on the jump rings. everything was quiet and peaceful. such a wonderful moment. deb held the jump ring to my gothic window glass so i could drop a bead of solder on. i was determined to put my necklace together since i don't have any soldering tools at home.
the week before the artnest i bid on a hand carved mother of pearl rosary on ebay and it came the day before i left! i had pictured in my mind how my necklace would be put together and it was wonderful to lay my finished necklace out at my place when it was all finished then drop into bed so happy.
we were all touched with a little bit of magic that day.


Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Wow that is stunning on the rosary! Yes, Sally makes soldering look like child's play! I took a class with her some time ago and made a glass house. It was amazing and it's one of my favourite things in my studio. Sounds like this retreat was a very good time!

thevintageboquet said...

You did so good! This is a beautiful charmed treasure and you can say that you are the creator! love love it.. Deb

Amanda Elton said...

It's so fun to look at all the nesters blogs and look at their pictures and remind myself again how much I loved last weekend! Julie, Your necklace is so fantastic. Thanks for a fabulous, art-filled, laugh-till-you-cry weekend!

Cassondra W. said...

Wow! So amazing, it is such a beautiful piece you made. I'm sure you will treasure it as well as all the memories you had in the making! Nice work!

ArtsyMama said...

LOVE seeing all your pictures and hearing more about your artnest weekend. Just fabulous!!!!

Laurie G. (morningk) said...

Your necklace is one of the most beautiful creations I've ever laid my eyes on!

jenny holiday said...

Oh my goodness!! What a magical magical time!! Incredible!! Oh you lucky girls!! WOW!

Thank you so so much for sharing!! just so so inspiring!! :) Your necklace is soo soo fantastic!!!!!

Happy Happy 4th of July!!

xoxo Jenny

Cindy Dean said...

Your necklace turned out sooooooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing everything with us! I miss evrybody so much, it was a great time!

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